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​​​What is the Propulsion Circle? 

Identify your purpose TODAY: Propelled to Purpose: Appreciating the Hay that covers your  Divine Needle

Propulsion Circle Christian Purpose Books

My book Propelled to Purpose - Appreciating the Hay that Covers Your Needle led to the creation of the Propulsion Circle. Propulsion Circle is a gathering of like-minded people who come together to encourage one another to step out on faith to do as God has purposed and destined. Each gathering focuses on increasing faith and spiritual boldness to go against the voices that say "you can't do it" and concentrate on the one voice (Holy Spirit) that says you can because you have been prepared and anointed to do so.  It’s time to come out of the cocoon and be the beautiful butterfly God has designed us to be.

You are poised, positioned, and empowered to propel into your purpose.

Joining together to Propel


  Sharon  Mack




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