Joining together to Propel


​​Sharon Mack Kelley founded Watchman Ministries Inc., a faith-based, non-profit organization that strives to reach people of all nations and to equip them by teaching the gospel of Jesus Christ so that they use their God-given gifts to change the world around them.  Propulsion Circle is the umbrella used to bring people together. Kelley has a diverse background in ministry and in the public and private business sectors.  

Born and raised in Charleston, South Carolina, Kelley graduated with honors from Park University with a bachelor’s degree in Management/Computer Information Systems. She earned her MBA, also with honors, from the University of Phoenix. Kelley served for nearly twenty-one years in the U.S. Marine Corps, during this time, she honed her leadership and empowerment skills. During her services as a Marine, she found the greatest reward in training and mentoring women to become Marines. Initially, she had accepted the assignment with some reluctance; however, she soon realized that her path had been guided by the Lord. Serving as a drill instructor transformed her life and planted the seed that propagated her purpose and destiny. This experience opened her eyes to the importance of defining your purpose and actively moving toward it.

Kelley has served with many anointed men and women of God, freely giving of her time and sharing her spiritual compassion. In August 2009, Kelley and four other women of God formed a prayer group. Their vision was to pray for the healing of their region, the nation, and the world. In November 2009, the women's group held their first event, “Women of Destiny; A Day of Restoration.” Kelley expanded her vision of prayer, empowerment, and the prophetic by forming Watchmen Ministries and Empowerment in 2010.

Kelley's public and private careers and missionary heart have led her to travel extensively. She was halfway around the world when she met Eric Kelley, the man God selected for her. The Lord has greatly blessed Eric and Sharon in their professional lives; however, His will and power have flowed most abundantly in their home. After doctors told Eric and Sharon that they would be unable to conceive together, the couple fasted and prayed, and remained devout. God blessed them with three beautiful daughters. Shiloh is their eldest, and Shahaira and Shyah are twins. What man said would never happen once, God accomplished twice. Sharon is a loving mom to Eric’s daughter Shelkieta, and a grandmother to Shelkieta’s daughter Sage.

In 2015, Kelley published her first book on divine purpose, Propelled to Purpose: Appreciating the Hay that Covers Your Divine Needle (Westbow). Her second book, Birthing Stages to Promise & Purpose is in progress. At present, Kelley is attending Evans-Smith Leadership Training Institute of the Samuel DeWitt Proctor School of Theology at Virginia Union University and is a doctoral student for Business Administration at Capella University. Additionally, she is the president and CEO of P Cube Consulting, LLC.



VisionPropulsion Circle are community-based groups using social media to position men and women from all races, social-economic classes and Christian denominations to propel their passion into their ordained purpose and destiny. Propulsion Circle members no longer allow society to define who they are, but allows Jesus Christ to destine whose they are.

– To introduce, intercede, inspire, and instruct men and women locally, nationally, and internationally on their ability to walkout their life’s purpose through fervent prayer, sphere of influence, and action.        

Sharon Mack Kelley's Propulsion Circle.