Propelled to Purpose provides a roadmap that will guide you to the discovery of your daily and divine purposes. If you are sick of hearing that you should have a purpose; if you've been unable to find your purpose and are tired of searching; if you wish to resist having your purpose and identity defined by others without consideration of your individuality, Propelled to Purpose was written expressly for you. It's essential reading for every man or woman who has searched far and wide in the hopes of finding his or her unique purpose—having read every book available on the subject, attended numerous conferences, and bought all of the T-shirts—and yet are still searching.

 Propelled to Purpose uses Biblical truths to help you to appreciate what makes you unique, and to follow this through to your ordained purpose. It will guide you through these three important steps in your journey of discovery:

 -          Identify your action verb – your Life Action Word (LAW)
-           Show how you are already serving a purpose in your daily life
-           Provide a roadmap using the Purpose Identifier and Needle Finder

 The journey to your divine fulfillment – the activation of your LAW - focuses on the place you are today, rather than where you believe you should or want to be in life.

Propelled to Purpose aids in removing frustration from situations that could prevent your elevation! It is not a self-help book, but a divinely inspired.

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Sharon Mack Kelley's Propulsion Circle.

Joining together to Empower

Propelled to Purpose: Appreciating the Hay that Covers Your Divine Needle

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